gay wrist

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i’m thinking about delete this blog, because you’re still stealing my stuff i spent time to do and you don’t respect my work

THIS IS MY GIF AND THIS REPOST HAS MORE NOTES THAN MY ORIGINAL! WHAT IS THAT??? i would burn reposting bitches sorry im not sorrydon’t you dare? even my url is in it.

Lets talk about sex baby.


In Girls, Skylar had a sex scene and as his character he said that he likes to eat pussy.

In an interview, when a woman asked him what do him and his character have in common he replied: “Well, that character and I do have something in common—we’re both very giving. .”

I think we all know what GIVING really means. He loves to eat pussy. Its okay with me Skylar, its okay with me.

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WHY THE FUCK YOU ARE REPOSTING MY ANIMATIONS HUH? i hate you kill yourselves girl power

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when gif freezes

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Skylar Astin being flawless (x)

I would be happy to play Laertes as bi-curious!

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